sarah & matt. 11.28.15

Considering that southern Minnesota had next to no snow up until a few days ago, it’s incredible that Matt & Sarah had the beaut of a November day that they did.  Two words — winter wonderland.  There was just enough fresh, white, beautiful snow to cover everything, yet not enough that we had to get the boots out.  Seriously people, if you think the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is lovely when everything is green, you should see it under a little white.  Snow globe.

All other aspects of Matt & Sarah’s day were lovely too, but I have to mention just one other thing that stuck out to me (and probably most others present) — the ring exchange.  The best man went to hand Sarah’s ring to Matt, and just as you could’ve heard a pin drop in that moment, man did we all hear that ring hit the hardwood!  In fact it hit the hardwood and bounced several times which sent Joe on a very brief goose chase to recover it.  I reckon his bright red face will give away that moment in the photos below.  It’s those totally unexpected quirks that make a day extra memorable for people, and I’m guessing Matt & Sarah won’t ever let Joe live that one down.  Anyway, without further adieu, please enjoy a handful of my favorites from 11.28.15!

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