paul & kaitlin. 8.2.14

Paul & Kaitlin are one of the first couples that I booked for the 2014 wedding season.  It’s really crazy when I think about how long I truly work with a couple; it isn’t just for one day, it’s often times for a whole year (or more) leading up to the big day.  We meet for a consult… email back and forth about details, timeline, photo ideas, etc… some couples do engagement photos…  I definitely develop a relationship with my clients, and I’m so fortunate that they all have been amazing to work with this year.

I have to say, if you’re looking for a fantastic wedding venue in Winona, look no further than the History Center.  Holy buckets of natural light, Batman!  Kaitlin & Paul’s wedding is the second I’ve shot there this year, and between the beauty, character and lighting, it’s a photographer’s dream.  A stunning couple doesn’t hurt either…  Check ‘em out ;)

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