lisa & ardy. 10.10.15

If you keep up with me or my work at all, you know that I have a particular penchant for fall.  I adore the fashion (boots, boots, boots), change in colors, saturated sunsets, cuisine (root veggies for days) and cooler (but not cold) temperatures.  It’s the fairest time of the year in my book, and this fall has been an especially dreamy one in Minnesota.  Whenever I book an October wedding, I cross my fingers so hard that fall will come through that day with its best, and it did just that for Ardy and Lisa’s big day.  When you throw together a setting as lovely as Lisa’s family farm and vineyard on Garvin Heights in Winona, the perfect October weather, delicious food (Blue Heron Coffeehouse), great company and a sunset for the record books, you’ve got yourself one pretty damn perfect fall wedding day…

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