kelly & jeremy. 8.12.17

This was a fun day. I’ve known Jeremy for a few years now, and have just gotten to know Kelly over the past few months. They are both super sweet and relaxed, and spending the day as their photographer felt as much like hanging out with friends. After a ceremony at St Paul’s Episcopal in Winona, the couple drove off in a classic Chevrolet truck (I’m blanking on the year — derp) that belongs to a friend of Jeremy’s. We had the opportunity to use it as a prop in many of their photos, which was really neat. It also just happened that the Mississippi Queen was docked in Winona for a few hours that day, so clearly we had to take advantage of that. So cool.

The reception took place out at the property of Jeremy’s folks, and it was full of sweet, home-crafted yard games, great food, great friends and a beauty of an evening.



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