kayleigh & brandon. 10.25.14

This was my last wedding of the 2014 season, and man was it amazing.  I love fall.  So much.  However, because it’s also my busiest time of the year I don’t actually get out in it as much as I’d like (I’m definitely working on the whole outdoor studio concept).  Now, considering that Minnesota is Minnesota, one might think that hoping to have an outdoor wedding the last weekend of October would be a bit of a stretch, no?  Well, Kayleigh and Brandon were graced with 60 degrees and sunshine, my friends.  PERFECTO.  I was in raptures all day, running around in the sun, leaves crunching under my feet (yes, I was THAT happy).

Everything else about their day was equally as lovely — from the picturesque venue set on tons of land (Rum River Barn and Vineyard, Hillman), to the rustic fall decor, to Brandon’s father performing their marriage…  It was a celebration that I was so happy to close out the wedding season with.

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