emily & phil. 7.25.15

Whenever I sit down to blog about a wedding I’ve shot, I always get my brain rolling by recalling in my mind how the couple came to book me as their photographer.  Maybe I’ve known them for years, or perhaps a former client of mine recommended me to them…  Sometimes there’s no connection at all — they just found me out in web world.  I had to laugh here, because I think we came to meet because both my and Emily’s dads are serious train fanatics.
Like, big time.
A few years back my dad acquired a caboose (yep, a real life caboose that sits on tracks) from Emily’s dad, and the rest is history.  How’s that for a connection? :)

There were so many lovely things about Phil and Emily’s wedding day in Winona, including the gorgeous church (Chapel of Saint Mary of the Angels) and amazing reception venue (Lourdes Hall).  I especially love shooting in Lourdes.  It’s a beautiful old gem complete with balconies, pillars and NATURAL LIGHT FOR DAYS…  It photographs like a dream.  I would be 100% remiss if I didn’t also point out probably the most unique and original centerpieces I have ever seen.  Emily and Phil are both quite musically inclined, and this played a huge part in their reception theme/decor.  You’ll have to scroll down to see for yourself, but the musical-instruments-turned-vases are just amazing.  What was also completely original was the way they went about the kissing game — you know, when everyone clinks their glasses to see a good smooch from the bride and groom?  Well, there was a catch: In order to for them to perform for you, you had to perform for them first.  Whether it was to sing a ditty, do a dance or play a tune on one of the instruments they had laid out in front of the head table, you had to work before you’d get a kiss out of them, which was something so original that I think everyone got a kick out of.  I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from 7.25.15!


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