amy & sean. 9.1.17

I had a great time with these two on their day.  Their fun, outgoing personalities made photographing them so easy and so enjoyable.  I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention how much I enjoyed the breakfast buffet that they hosted for dinner, fully equipped with cheesy hash browns and build-your-own breakfast burritos.  Yaaaas.  Breakfast love.
Check out a few of my favorite photos from 9.1.17!

Venue: Legacy Hill Farm, Welch MN


kelly & jeremy. 8.12.17

This was a fun day. I’ve known Jeremy for a few years now, and have just gotten to know Kelly over the past few months. They are both super sweet and relaxed, and spending the day as their photographer felt as much like hanging out with friends. After a ceremony at St Paul’s Episcopal in Winona, the couple drove off in a classic Chevrolet truck (I’m blanking on the year — derp) that belongs to a friend of Jeremy’s. We had the opportunity to use it as a prop in many of their photos, which was really neat. It also just happened that the Mississippi Queen was docked in Winona for a few hours that day, so clearly we had to take advantage of that. So cool.

The reception took place out at the property of Jeremy’s folks, and it was full of sweet, home-crafted yard games, great food, great friends and a beauty of an evening.



sam & kevin. 7.2.17

One of the neatest aspects about this day was how progressive and gradual it was.  Sam and Kevin wanted a very small, low impact ceremony and a great party.  I met them in Mill Ruins park in downtown Minneapolis, where we took the majority of their formal photos.  We then gradually walked our way to the middle of the Stone Arch Bridge, where guests gathered for a short ceremony officiated by a friend of the couple.
It was lovely and intimate.  Short and sweet.
After the ceremony, the couple, followed by their guests, walked to the Northeast side of the bridge and over to the Aster Cafe for a reception in their River Room.  It was a great party for sure, with great food (um, taco bar and cake shooters, for the win) and lots of dancing.  I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from their sweet day.


brittany & joshua. 10.1.16

I just can’t express how much I adore fall.  Everything about it rocks my world — from the brisk air, to the saturated sunsets, to all the warm colors…  It’s the bee’s knees.  I’m so happy fall came through with one of it’s finest days for Brittany & Josh.  The weather was perfecto for a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Josh’s family’s land in Winona.
What a location.
Everything else about their day was lovely as well, but one of my favorite highlights was their little boy, David, stealing the show in his suspenders and bow tie.
Holy cute.

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Grandparents are the cutest.

stephanie & brian. 7.16.16

The weather rocked, the wedding party was a hoot, the Trester Trolley navigated the country roads…
There were so many great facets of this day.
I do think the trolley experience was my favorite highlight though.  It made the drive up Winona’s highway 43 and onto the country roads so we could all check out the construction progress on Steph, Brian and Tom’s new home on Garvin Heights.  I’ve seen and photographed the trolley soooo many times on the city streets, but never in the beauty of the late-afternoon sun on the ridge.  The little red character toting around a cheerful wedding party was a sweet sight, and I was so happy to be following it in my car.
Sometimes it’s the little things.
So many congrats to Brian and Stephanie!


sarah & matt. 11.28.15

Considering that southern Minnesota had next to no snow up until a few days ago, it’s incredible that Matt & Sarah had the beaut of a November day that they did.  Two words — winter wonderland.  There was just enough fresh, white, beautiful snow to cover everything, yet not enough that we had to get the boots out.  Seriously people, if you think the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is lovely when everything is green, you should see it under a little white.  Snow globe.

All other aspects of Matt & Sarah’s day were lovely too, but I have to mention just one other thing that stuck out to me (and probably most others present) — the ring exchange.  The best man went to hand Sarah’s ring to Matt, and just as you could’ve heard a pin drop in that moment, man did we all hear that ring hit the hardwood!  In fact it hit the hardwood and bounced several times which sent Joe on a very brief goose chase to recover it.  I reckon his bright red face will give away that moment in the photos below.  It’s those totally unexpected quirks that make a day extra memorable for people, and I’m guessing Matt & Sarah won’t ever let Joe live that one down.  Anyway, without further adieu, please enjoy a handful of my favorites from 11.28.15!

lisa & ardy. 10.10.15

If you keep up with me or my work at all, you know that I have a particular penchant for fall.  I adore the fashion (boots, boots, boots), change in colors, saturated sunsets, cuisine (root veggies for days) and cooler (but not cold) temperatures.  It’s the fairest time of the year in my book, and this fall has been an especially dreamy one in Minnesota.  Whenever I book an October wedding, I cross my fingers so hard that fall will come through that day with its best, and it did just that for Ardy and Lisa’s big day.  When you throw together a setting as lovely as Lisa’s family farm and vineyard on Garvin Heights in Winona, the perfect October weather, delicious food (Blue Heron Coffeehouse), great company and a sunset for the record books, you’ve got yourself one pretty damn perfect fall wedding day…

Untitled-1l&a-8l&a-2l&a-5l&a-9l&a-10l&a-11l&a-12l&a-20untitled-3l&a-14l&a-21l&a-22l&a-15l&a-27l&a-23l&a-24l&a-25l&a-26Untitled-6l&a-35Untitled-4l&a-2l&a-45l&a-4l&a-41l&a-33Untitled-2l&a-30l&a-48l&a-29Untitled-7l&a-52l&a-54l&a-56l&a-55l&a-59l&a-62l&a-57l&a-60l&a-61l&a-65Untitled-5l&a-63Late night Bloedow’s donuts.  Winona love.


hayley & scott. 8.15.15

Vintage.  Vintage.  Vintage.

This is THE word that comes to mind when I think back on Hayley and Scott’s wedding day.  They pulled off such a classy 1950s style celebration and made it look like a piece of cake.  From Hayley’s dress, to the place settings (!!!!!), to the swing band…  All of the details, big and small, made for a beautifully executed bash that took everyone back 60 years.  I don’t know about you, but I for one LOVE going back in time (come to my house and you will understand).  I’d like to especially point out the dinner plates.  They had a different vintage plate for just about every place setting, and it was such a fantastic, welcoming touch.  It was so fun to watch the guests stand in the buffet line admiring one another’s dinner plates.  A stellar decorative move and conversation piece all in one.  Loved it.

I could go on and on, but telling you all about it is silly when you can just see for yourself.  So, without further ado, please enjoy some of my favorites from 8.15.15!


emily & phil. 7.25.15

Whenever I sit down to blog about a wedding I’ve shot, I always get my brain rolling by recalling in my mind how the couple came to book me as their photographer.  Maybe I’ve known them for years, or perhaps a former client of mine recommended me to them…  Sometimes there’s no connection at all — they just found me out in web world.  I had to laugh here, because I think we came to meet because both my and Emily’s dads are serious train fanatics.
Like, big time.
A few years back my dad acquired a caboose (yep, a real life caboose that sits on tracks) from Emily’s dad, and the rest is history.  How’s that for a connection? :)

There were so many lovely things about Phil and Emily’s wedding day in Winona, including the gorgeous church (Chapel of Saint Mary of the Angels) and amazing reception venue (Lourdes Hall).  I especially love shooting in Lourdes.  It’s a beautiful old gem complete with balconies, pillars and NATURAL LIGHT FOR DAYS…  It photographs like a dream.  I would be 100% remiss if I didn’t also point out probably the most unique and original centerpieces I have ever seen.  Emily and Phil are both quite musically inclined, and this played a huge part in their reception theme/decor.  You’ll have to scroll down to see for yourself, but the musical-instruments-turned-vases are just amazing.  What was also completely original was the way they went about the kissing game — you know, when everyone clinks their glasses to see a good smooch from the bride and groom?  Well, there was a catch: In order to for them to perform for you, you had to perform for them first.  Whether it was to sing a ditty, do a dance or play a tune on one of the instruments they had laid out in front of the head table, you had to work before you’d get a kiss out of them, which was something so original that I think everyone got a kick out of.  I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from 7.25.15!


brittany & lance. 7.11.15

Not only was Britt and Lance’s Winona wedding so lovely, but it was also one of the most unique that I’ve photographed.  Maybe THE most unique.  When these two approached me about being their wedding photographer, they started first by explaining that their wedding was going to be a bit out of the ordinary.  When they told me that the ceremony would take place in Woodlawn Cemetery my first reaction was, “Beautiful!”.  All too often when I suggest Woodlawn to my clients as a portrait session location (yes, yes I do that sometimes), I have to explain that it has so much more to offer than just gravestones and mausoleums (and those can be kept out of the photos:).  It. Is. Gorgeous.  From the towering oak trees, to the brick driveways, and so on…  it is oh, so pretty.  Needless to say, they didn’t need to convince me that it would be a lovely spot to have a wedding.  And frankly, since both Britt and Lance are funeral directors, it made all the sense in the world.  Theirs was also the first ever wedding to take place at Woodlawn, which sparked some interest from a local TV station (see below), making their day that much more fun and special.  All in all, it was a great day enjoyed by many, so I hope you enjoy perusing a few of my favorite moments from July 11th, 2015!

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