britt & sam. 7.19.14

First off, I want to say that I have these two to thank for helping me jumpstart my career in the cities — they were my very first Saint Paul wedding, which is so great to have under my belt.

Britt and I played softball together eons ago, and even though we both went to UW-Madison for our undergrad (On Wisconsin!), it had been years since I’d seen her.  Of course, I was totally stoked when she contacted me to book their wedding.  It’s always so great when someone who I knew “back in the day” asks me to photograph their wedding, because then I feel like I get to know them all over again, except now I also get to know their other half (i.e. Sam :).

Britt & Sam’s entire day was beautiful, but I will admit I got a little carried away with their “first glance” photos on here.  I just can’t get enough of them.  There was so much anticipation before they saw each other, and it definitely shows.  So sweet.


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